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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Closing Ceremony

Today was the closing ceremony of the ITSA workshops 2013!

I just have to say that I am so incredibly proud of all the young people who presented their newly funded projects today. It is truly amazing how you have chosen specific issues, and are really dedicated to solving those issues.

Our grant winners have some really intuitive and helpful projects. A medical camp for slum communities; helping people obtain their birth certificates; holding ITSA-like workshops dedicated to women's equality and empowerment. These projects are a true reflection and continuation of what the ITSA workshops have been aiming to do the entire month of July. Inspire the children to take problems into their own hands!

All of our mentors and families of the ITSApreneurs were also in attendance. I'm sure the kids were very happy to present the fruits of their hard labor to them as well.

Everyone was so nice and thankful, it was amazing! I really feel like there is a true ITSA community in Ahmedabad. Especially now that projects are being continued after the summer, I hope that ITSA kids will keep in touch after the workshops end.

And finally, a huge thanks to Riana and Phil  for being the reason that ITSA is still alive and well today! 

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