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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Call for Applications: ITSA India’s International Internship Program 2012

ITSA India’s International Internship Program 2012

Would you like to experience India’s beautiful and unique culture first hand while living with a host family this summer?

Would you like to like to intern in India?

Would you like to contribute to education reform and social change?

If the answer to any of these questions is a “Yes!”, intern with Independent Thought & Social Action in India (ITSA India), an education reform organization running Social Action Training Camps that promotes critical thinking and social entrepreneurship to students in the traditional, rote memorization based Indian education system.
After an extremely successful first summer with interns from New York City, ITSA India is excited to announce applications for the internship program for Summer 2012! Read about the interns’ experiences from last summer on the ITSA blog:

Please visit our Facebook page:

ITSA Intern responsibilities:

We are looking for passionate, motivated and energetic people to join our team this summer. We will be running experiential learning workshops teaching social organizing skills.  ITSA is entirely staffed by interns and volunteers and we will be expecting the interns to play an extremely central role in carrying out the workshops this summer. Our team will consist of college students from the US and India.

Interns will teach workshops and be involved in documentation work, curriculum development, education research, social media, publicity, blog writing, video creation, graphic design and website development & design. 

ITSA, the Institute of Writing and Thinking at Bard College, and Training for Change in Philadelphia will provide training and orientation to all interns prior to their work in India.

About the City: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The city we will work in is Ahmedabad, the famous Mahatma Gandhi’s home during the Indian freedom struggle. We will have a trip to North India, which include places such as Delhi and Agra (home to the Taj Mahal). Experience the beautiful Indian culture, the delicious food, gorgeous monsoons, bustling markets, majestic forts, temples, palaces and all of the magic that makes India unique.

Interns will be housed by warm and loving host families to gain an authentic immersion into Indian culture.

Program Dates: (Tentatively) Thursday, June 28th, 2011 – Thursday, August 9th, 2011 (6 weeks).

Program Cost:
The entire program will cost $1740. Transportation within India to all necessary ITSA and community service sites, home stay with an Indian family, three home-cooked meals a day and visits to sites within Ahmedabad & North India will all be covered.

Colleges often have grants/scholarships available to take on summer opportunities/summer internships abroad. The ITSA internship can also qualify for a research grant from your college if you indicate on your application that you are interested in doing research with us since we have research positions available as well. Check with your college’s summer opportunities office/career services.

The program costs also include a trip to the historic sites in North India including the Taj Mahal, Akbar’s Palace, Fatehpur Sikri, India Gate, Indian Parliament in Agra & Delhi.

[The cost does not include: transportation to Ahmedabad, personal spending money and visa application fees. Please note that similar organizations often charge three times our cost for similar length programs. The ITSA internship allows interns to truly make a difference in lives of students and to experience India from perspectives of Indian families while forming friendships with Indian peers.]

Application info:
The application requires filling out the online form and a recommendation letter from a professor or someone you have worked for. Here is a link to the application: Recommendation letters and questions should be email to us at

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 20th, 2011.  
“Choosing to send in an application to become an intern was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I cannot sum up its worth and importance so neatly . . . going to India and being an intern for ITSA affects me still, every day, and I am in all respects continuously thankful for the opportunity.”            

  ~Emma King, Intern 2011, NYC (Emma’s Article in the newspaper, Bardvark:

“It was a FANTASTIC experience! The program more than exceeded our expectations - and the amount of work you guys put into ‘educating’ the interns about India was truly amazing. It was a great opportunity to both experience a different country and culture, and take on a leadership role.”
            ~ Juliana Gutierrez, Intern 2011, NYC
We will be happy to put you in touch with our past interns and their families if you wish to contact them for more information.
Sample Day:

Day 3:
Meeting the Mahatma
ITSA meeting

The entire team will spend time reflecting, strategizing and preparing for that week’s ITSA workshops. Interns will also have this time to work on their individual or collaborative ITSA related projects.
Screening of the Bollywood film Lage Raho Munnabhai:

        Through his interactions with the image of Gandhi, Munna Bhai, an amiable, good hearted, underworld don, begins to practice what he calls ‘Gandhigiri’ , the modern version of the Gandhian ideals of non violence and truth helping ordinary people solve their problems.
        In this light hearted comedy about India’s father of the nation, Munna Bhai changes the way people think about non-violent change in the modern world applying Gandhi to the 21stcentury. A critically acclaimed film, it is the first Hindi film to be screened at the UN auditorium.
Tour of the Sabarmati Ashram: Mahatma Gandhi’s home

        The Sabarmati Ashram (also known as Harijan Ashram) was home to Mohandas Gandhi from 1917 until 1930 and served as one of the main centers of the Indian freedom struggle. Originally called the Satyagraha Ashram, reflecting the movement toward passive resistance launched by the Mahatma, the Ashram became home to the ideology that set India free. Sabarmati Ashram named for the river on which it sits, was created with a dual mission: to serve as an institution that would carry on a search for truth and a platform to bring together a group of workers committed to non-violence who would help secure freedom for India.
        Today, the Ashram serves as a source of inspiration and guidance, and stands as a monument to Gandhi’s life mission and a testimony to others who have fought a similar struggle.


Intern Max Baird’s Blog Entry about our visit to the Gandhi Ashram in Summer 2011

Before visiting Gandhi’s Ashram, I had a sense of who Gandhi was and what he stood for, but I didn’t really understand how large a role he had in the public conscience. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was inspired by Gandhi, left a similar legacy to us, but not nearly to the extent Gandhi has for India. His Ashram was an incredibly peaceful place. An ashram is spiritual community, and we had gone to the one Gandhi lived in for thirteen years. Before entering Gandhi’s house, the ITSA team sat outside while a woman showed us how to spin thread. It was a calming activity, and the Ashram itself was quiet, something you begin to value more when cars begin honking at five A.M in New York City. 
It's not only Gandhi’s political achievements that I find so remarkable. If Gandhi had lived the way he did and spent his entire life in a small village, he would be no less extraordinary. I’ve seen a quote of his, “My life is my message,” in multiple places around Ahmedabad, which, to me, sums up what I'm trying to say. He was able to live a meaningful life, and his achievements flowed out of that goal. So often the outside world appears to be incompatible with whatever peace I can find internally. How can someone be truly virtuous and at the same time stand to live in a world with so much suffering? Gandhi’s Ashram was a very comforting place for me because it was the home of a man who was able to apply his ideals to his life so thoroughly.
            (Read more entries at:


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